P T BarnumWelcome to Project Barnum, 

the online resource helping you gain an understanding of how psychic scam artists work, how to stop yourself being tricked, and what to do if you are tricked.

Many people don’t know what psychic trickery looks like and some psychic trickery is very convincing to those being tricked, so we’re lifting the lid in the hope that it will help people see tricksters coming before they hand over their cash. Information is also provided for those who think they’ve already been tricked.

We also hope the site can be used by those wishing to approach the subject of psychic trickery with their friends/family/students etc. who are unsure of how to start the conversation about how they might be falling for tricks.

We’re not interested in proving that psychics are real or fake. The burden of proof always sits with the person making such claims. Project Barnum simply exists to educate people about the tricks that psychics are demonstrably known to use.

‘Project Barnum is so up my street it’s paying my council tax’ - Doug Segal, award winning mind magician & entertainer

‘something like Project Barnum is long overdue!’ - Supporter