People claiming to have psychic powers often seem able to tell you things that they couldn't possibly know. It's this ability that convinces people that the psychic must be genuine... but this accuracy could be down to nothing more than psychological tricks...


    The performer uses previously gained information about the person they’re reading, but pretend they didn’t know the information already.
    Learn more.


    The performer uses generic statements about the person they’re reading that the majority of people could identify with. Learn more.


    The performer describes the person they’re reading using conflicting words. ‘outgoing and reserved’ which seems personal, but isn’t.Learn more.


    The performer throws out lots of generic information in the hope that someone in the audience will identify with it. Learn more.

Project Barnum strongly advises against handing over money for a psychic reading, but understand why it is tempting to get a reading from someone claiming to be psychic. With that in mind we have created a guide to help you be a smart customer and avoid being scammed out of your money. The guide also offers advice on what to do if you think you've already been scammed.
Click here to read the guide.

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