Project Barnum aims to help people make informed consumer decisions when it comes to psychic shows. ¬†This is achieved by making information about psychic trickery readily available in easy to understand language, and through the detailed resource about what to do if you think you’ve been scammed.


Project Barnum was created in 2011 during the media frenzy surrounding public accusations that Sally Morgan had been caught cheating during one of her stage shows in Ireland. Rather than attacking psychics as many non-believers were, Hayley Stevens decided to instead create a resource that would help people understand what psychic trickery was and how to spot it if they ever attended a psychic show.

Contributors & Supporters

Hayley Stevens (hayley@projectbarnum.co.uk)
Ashley Pryce
Keir Liddle
Barnum music trailer donated by Milton Mermikides
Voice-over work donated by Alex Grey
Andy of Wiltshire Internet
Simon Singh
Doug Segal
Psychic drawings donated by Sean Steele

Support Project Barnum! Use our audio trailer today & spread the word! Project Barnum audio trailer¬†(right click link & ‘Save as’ to download).


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